A Tradition of Excellence
Harbinger Hall, as seen from the corner of the Eastern Broomfield.

The School

The Briarwood School is one of Vene's most prestigious academies for the tutelage of young magic-users. While the student body is primarily comprised of Thirds, there are also a few half-bloodeds and Fourths. Briarwood's curriculum is one year for introduction, four for schooling, and another four for advanced schooling.

After completing their ninth year at Briarwood, all students are expected to transfer to Sandmaw for three years of finalizing their education and securing their place in the world.

Faculty and Staff

Briarwood's administration is composed of five senior members who oversee the school, and more than a dozen teachers (many of whom field multiple subjects).

The support staff consists of cooperating Thirds and Fourths, as well as the occasional Second.


The Briarwood School has a policy of accepting any Third of sufficient ambition and talent, whether he or she be from Vene or from Earth.

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